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Which Calmat is the right for you?


The Calmat is designed for residential use, treating your whole piping system without any sort of chemicals. The Calmat will work for pipes up to 1 ½” (38mm); Enough for most residential applications.

Calmat PLUS

The Calmat PLUS is designed for commercial or bigger residential applications in which it is required a higher maximum water flow capacity up to 15 m³/h (66 US GPM) and up to 3” pipes. It has four impulse cables wrapped around the pipe instead of two. Usually used in hotels, restaurants and such.

Usually, Calmat will be more than enough in most residential homes. Calmat Plus is perfect for those applications which have bigger pipes and run a lot more water continually. As well as a main pipe that splits into various residential properties, such an apartment or townhouses.

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