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Frequent Asked Questions

  • What type of pipe material does Calmat treat?
    Calmat is suitable for all pipe materials: iron, galvanized iron, copper, steel, stainless steel, plastic, PVC, PE-X, compound pipes (any material mixture) etc.
  • Do plastic pipes and copper pipes need scale protection at all?
    Yes. Plastic and copper pipes are prone to calcification, too. The smoother a surface is the longer it can resist the process of calcification. It may take longer until plastic or copper get a first layer of scale. However, once that first layer has built up, the scaling process proceeds just as fast as on any other surface or material.
  • Does the winding direction or number of winding matter?
    The winding direction (either clockwise or counter clockwise) doesn’t matter, each impulse cable can be wrapped either way. The number of winding around the pipe does not have to be necessarily equal to each other and the unit will perform well regardless. Winding the cables a few inches away from the Calmat device is ok as it wont affect the transmission of the electrical impulses. Ideally we recommend winding the impulse cables as tight and neat together as possible for maximum performance.
  • Can Calmat be installed Vertically or Upside down?
    Does the orientation of the unit or cables does not matter! Calmat can be installed vertical, horizontal, even upside down and is going to work the same. It will treat the water from the point you install the unit on wards and will protect the rest of the piping system.
  • Where should Calmat be installed?
    Calmat should be installed on your main line coming in after any pressure tank, sediment filter or whole house filter you may have; and before the split into both the cold line and water heater leading to the hot line. Anything else including a water softener, RO system, UV filter would be fine afterwards. Calmat will treat your whole piping system downstream from the point of installation forward and about 10m backwards.
  • How long until I see results?
    After the installation, you will see some or all of the typical effects. Depending on the water composition one effect may be stronger than the other. We have customers that have seen some effects right away, others after a month, and some others after a few months. To have the whole limescale removed from your piping system usually, it can take from a few months up to six months. Please find attached a description of what to expect.
  • How long does it take Calmat to sanitize the pipes
    After the installation you typically see some or all of the effects in the first few days. Depending on the water compositions one effect may be stronger than the other. Typically you notice that soap and shampoo lather much better, then you may expect the water boiler, kitchen and bathroom to begin to lose limescale accumulation. We have users that have seen some effects right away, others after a week and some after a month. The whole lime scale disintegration process from your piping system usually can take from few weeks up to six months; This will vary on the amount of build up through out the past years.
  • Can Calmat be used with a Water Softener?
    Yes! Calmat can be used by itself or in combination the water softener, you can use it either way; if you want your water to be softer, you can keep using both the water softener and Calmat, or if your goal is to simply remove the lime scale from the pipes and appliances, you can use just Calmat. Also We recommend to place Calmat before the water softener so the softener is treated as well.
  • How long does the effect last?
    Calmat is continuously removing new and existing limescale. When mono-crystals are created by the impulse variation, it is important that they grow as long as possible before they start their way through the piping system. The larger the crystals, the longer it takes until the crystals fall apart again and eventually "die". In warm water, these crystals grow faster and therefore are stronger and live longer. This explains why the calmat-effect lasts the longest in warm water (up to seven days) and shorter in cold water (approx. two to three days).
  • What kind of warranty do I get with Calmat?
    Calmat has a full 5-year warranty to cover manufacturing defects and workmanship. It is German TÜV-certified and is CE, CUL and UL listed. By purchasing from the manufacturer and listed distributors, your warranty is well-assured. German quality standards and excellent customer service have been our priority for over 60 years.
  • Does Calmat help with green colored water from copper pipes?
    Green-colored copper pipes are an indication of oxidized copper or copper rust - similar to rust in iron pipes. The calmat treatment produces hydrogen dioxide (H2O2) which protects blank copper surfaces against oxidation. This way, calmat reduces the green colorization of the water.
  • Will the scale that is cleaned out block the pipe?
    No, the scale is slowly dissolved back into a solution and the calcium and magnesium is washed away in the water as a fine powder.
  • I heard similar products do not work. Why does Calmat work?
    There are similar looking products to calmat on the market that claim to do the job, but don't. Almost all other products on the market are working with inductive (electromagnetic) technologies. You can easily recognize them by their cables. Those cables run in a loop from the electronic unit - to the pipe and back into the unit. In comparison, calmat works exclusively with capacitive impulses that guarantee a stable output. Its impulse cables end on the pipes, similar to antennas. Furthermore, regardless of inductive or capacitive impulses: calmat utilizes far wider frequencies of 3,000 - 32,000 Hz (= 3-32 kHz) and operates with energy levels at 24V.
  • Where can I purchase Calmat?
    Calmat is available directly through our website. We deliver to Canada & USA currently. And through multiple authorized dealers in USA and Canada. Outside of North America Calmat is available in most countries. Please get in touch and we can connect you to your closest distributor!


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